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Konu: What happens at a casino?

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    What happens at a casino?

    Well im 17 and wanting to go with a friend to play poker at a casino. Its a local joker123 online casino, nothing friend who has been mistaken for me many times gave me one of his ID's a real one and hes 18. If I were to get Id'd at the casino do they like examine your id and stare at you, and ask you questions etc. I know the Bday, name, last name address. Or do they just glance at the birthday and the picture? Thanks!! Update: No itd be for poker, and it would be at the live22 slot games lowest limit table. I dont look young i look like an avg 17 year old. I have his ID i ment will they like pull me aside and start like throwing alot of questions at me. And when i buy/cash out do they like really check your Id or just look at it quick.

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    What happens at a casino

    I live in Massachusetts, and would like an outdoor system. But what happens in the winter? Do I have to drain the system, lose all the fish, and start from scratch again next spring?

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